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apaiser fronts up this August

Early this August apaiser participated in the inaugural FRONT expo – a boutique specifier event for the commercial and hospitality design sector which took place at Carriageworks, Sydney.

Under the banner of ‘Design, Products, Knowledge’, FRONT brought over 20 years of insight across workplace and hospitality design, through over 55 exhibitors. apaiser used its presence at the event to build on its already leading position as suppliers of premium bathware products, to the greater luxury hotel, resort and residential market globally.

As part of the apaiser installation at FRONT, one of our most recent Japanese inspired collections, SOKA Grand Bath was showcased. The collection is a harmonious combination of age old bathing traditions combined with the latest in contemporary design, materials and craftsmanship. It celebrates the interplay of clean, rigorous lines ergonomically applied in a perfect fusion of form and function. The collection features two baths (with and without shelving), basins, vanities and a unique shower tray design.

Visitors will not only be able to see the outstanding craftsmanship behind apaiser design, but also feel the uniquely tactile nature of apaiserMARBLE®, the ground-breaking material created by brand founder and visionary, Belinda Try. This exclusive material formed from eco-friendly reclaimed marble was the game-changer which inspired designers to create sublime bathing solutions using apaiser bathware.

“We are looking forward to this opportunity to engage with our local market since so much of the focus in recent years has been on the overseas market. We are certainly entering a new period of innovation and expansion with a new showroom opening in Sydney planned at the end of the year”, says Try.