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Rediscovering our local playground – After ‘the pause’…

Nothing fills us with more pleasure than planning a trip. Whether it is a quick weekend getaway to a gorgeous regional location just a few hours down the road, or a long-planned journey across the other side of the world. The research, the planning, even the packing is a delight!

While we are busy staying safely at home (which also has its pleasures), we are dreaming of all the places we may go when ‘the pause’ is over. It may be a little while before we feel safe enough to jump on a plane, so we have been thinking about all the beautiful locations closer to home we might visit. It has also been a tough time for our local tourism industry with the devastating fires and now health crisis, and they are going to need our support when life resumes. Both excellent reasons to explore our island and rediscover our local playground.

Australia is a vast and varied country of endless inspiration. From the tablelands in the Far North, clifftop views in regional Victoria, to the historic waterfront in Hobart – each state boasts breathtaking landscapes, stunning accommodation, and sensational local businesses. Many of which we have been privileged to work with. So, whilst we sit here with our restless minds, we created a shortlist from all corners of our beautiful country to satisfy your post-pause wanderlust.

Enjoy the tour!

Australian-Retreats-Blog-April-Mt-Mulligan Australian-Retreats-Blog-April-Mt-Mulligan-apaiser-Sublime-Basins

Mt Mulligan Lodge, Mount Mulligan

Situated on a private 28,000-hectare heritage site overlooking Ngarrabullgan (Mount Mulligan) in Far North Queensland, the remote Mount Mulligan Lodge is the quintessential Australian outback experience.

The captivating landscape is an unforgettable contrast of lush gums and rugged sandstone ranges. The secluded rooms have an elemental, laid-back yet luxurious feel. Spacious bathrooms feature bush views, and tin tub and apaiser Sublime Basins.

Australian-Retreats-Blog-April-Lord-Howe-Capella-Lodge-apaiser-Lotus-Bath Australian-Retreats-Blog-April-Lord-Howe-Capella-Lodge-apaiser-Lunar-Bath

Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island

Located on the wild and beautiful Lord Howe Island, one of the ‘cleanest’ places on earth, the luxurious Capella Lodge is your island paradise. The lodge features breathtaking views and an unparalleled outdoor bathing experience in our sumptuous Lotus Bath.

Sail your yacht to the island or catch a small plane – whichever way you choose, make sure it is an unforgettable journey.


Above: Bath and Basin from the Zen Collection Below: Bath and Basin from the Lotus Collection

Byron Bay Villa & Cottage

Our favourite friends at the Designory, created two fabulous projects in Byron Bay – a family friendly, multi-bedroom villa and a cosy cottage. Barefoot Escapes will appeal if you love beautifully designed, fully equipped, and comfortable accommodation featuring apaiser baths and basins…we know we do!

Australian-Retreats-Blog-April-Clifftop-at-Hepburn-apaiser-Oman-Basin Australian-Retreats-Blog-April-Clifftop-at-Hepburn-apaiser-Oman-Basin-2 Australian-Retreats-Blog-April-Clifftop-at-Hepburn-apaiser-Oman-Basin

Clifftop at Hepburn

Clifftop at Hepburn is 5-star luxury accommodation in Hepburn Springs near Daylesford in Victoria. With stunning views of gum-covered hills, suspended wood fireplaces and stylish, cosy interiors, it definitely lives up to its Australia’s No.1 Romantic Getaway title. apaiser created dark hued Oman Baths and Basins for the retreat’s fabulous villas.


Lon Retreat

An uncomplicated and effortless space, Lon Retreat offers beautiful rooms, spa treatments and calming views of the Southern Ocean from the Bellarine Peninsula coastline. Perfect for a weekend getaway if you live, work, and play in Melbourne. Being an avid supporter of local brands, Claire, the owner of the retreat, selected gorgeous Sublime and Lunar baths from our collections to complete these beautiful spaces.


Jamala Lodge

A luxury retreat and a family owned business near Canberra, Jamala Lodge combines 5-star accommodation with African inspired design and a unique wildlife experience. An exotic, urban safari without having to fly over the ocean! With lions, giraffes, cheeky monkeys, and meerkats roaming outside, the guests can enjoy a long soak in our freestanding Haven bath in good company.


Saffire Freycinet

Tasmania is well known for its natural beauty and rugged, windblown wilderness. Saffire Freycinet is located just 2.5 hours from Hobart and offers uninterrupted views of the Coles Bay and the ranges of the magnificent Freycinet National Park. The spa provides an ultimate bathing experience with apaiser Haven Baths – a perfect place to have a long soak while immersing yourself in the wonderful Tasmanian landscape.

Saffire Freycinet - Luxury Accomodation in Tasmania

Macq01 Hotel

Located on Hobart’s historic waterfront, Macq01 hotel is filled with stories of Tasmanian people of yesteryear. Epitomising informal luxury, contemporary design is fused with history to create a very unique stay in a town renowned for art, culture and fabulous food. The bathrooms feature pieces from the apaiser collections, so you may not want to venture out at all.


Crown Perth

Take time to play, indulge, relax and pamper in the glamorous Crown Towers Perth.

The pinnacle of Western Australian, luxury hospitality, the hotel combines all the fun of a casino, with great design and dramatic city views for a memorable stay. For the lavish, generous bathrooms we designed a bespoke vanity and soaking tub, providing a private sanctuary within this luxurious hotel.