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Carefully Curated – A Tale of Partnerships

As a team of product designers, marketers, sales consultants and makers, we are passionate about partnerships.

We believe in the creative potential of the convergence of ideas facilitated by partnerships and the exciting outcomes the process can achieve – take for example the beautiful collections we have created over the years. We value the partnerships we have with our carefully selected international distribution network who, as our brand ambassadors, have contributed to our success. We appreciate the trust our clients, both residential and commercial, place in us when they choose apaiser as their bathware partner for their properties. We also cherish the relationships we have developed with some of the worlds leading design firms who work with us to create pieces of bathroom art for their projects – time and time again.

This month we feature a very special project – a product of one such relationship. Utilising the creative strength of partnerships and designed with empathy for its environment and guests, this multifamily accommodation delivers carefully curated, thoughtful luxury.



Barefoot Bay Villa is the latest project from Barefoot escapes, brought to life by the Designory. Located in beautiful Byron bay, the home focuses on Australian coastal materiality and that touch of quintessential Byron effervescence. The home is the pinnacle of luxury, home stay accommodation for the discerning traveller who seeks true relaxation combined with convenience.

The overall vision for the build was to create a home which felt connected to the surrounding natural environment, whilst combining all the luxuries of a high-end hotel with the soul of a home. Featuring multiple bedrooms with private ensuites, lush outdoor living areas and a pool, the Villa is designed for multiple families. Through a clever layout, abundance of everyday necessities and a fully equipped kitchen, the house offers a wide range of hospitality inclusions with the notion that truly luxurious accommodation is a place where everything is already thought of and taken care of.


We live in a fast-paced world with constant and easy access to anything we desire. We believe true luxury is about delivering that.“, adds Melissa Bonney, director at The Designory.

By addressing everything one needs for entertainment, rest and intimacy, the Villa delivers a new concept of a contemporary accommodation which appeals to all guests, regardless of their lifestyle and age.


After 8 years of working on client projects and her own renovations, The Designory’s director Melissa Bonney wanted to create a home with the makers, suppliers and brands she loved. The home is filled with carefully curated selections from Australian companies – a showcase of the partnerships and collaborations that the Designory have developed whilst building their own successful business.

Design collaborations are a fantastic way to explore new ideas and ways of doing things that perhaps wouldn’t have been previously considered by either contributor individually.

It allows everyone involved to expand their ideas, knowledge and creativity”, adds Melissa.


The Byron Bay Villa is apaiser’s second project with the Designory. Our ongoing collaboration demonstrates that the role of suppliers in the design process has changed fundamentally. We had great belief in their vision for this build and feel honoured to have taken an active part in the project.

“A great supplier is now one that see themselves as a partner to the process or project rather than just a supplier of a product. Sharing knowledge, networks and connections has become a key part of the new “sharing economy” we’re living in and approaching traditional business relationships in a more progressive, innovative and collaborative way is key to ongoing success in the design industry.”, explains Melissa.


A coastal colour palette of bush greens, rust, sandstone, sea foam, warm greys and sandy whites, was inspired by scenes from the Australian movie Breathe. Elements of the surrounding landscape, and natural, textural materiality gives the house a quintessential Byron Bay holiday vibe.

We’ve tried to emulate and mimic the tones, shapes and textures of nature within the home to allow guests to go really get back to their roots, to pause and immerse themselves in the connection to nature and moments of silence – says Melissa.


Wet areas play an important part of the homes design and functionality. There are five bathrooms, all featuring apaiser pieces in a variety of organic shapes and finishes. Each bathroom has a distinct personality and the careful selection of apaiserMARBLE finishes beautifully complement the palette and continue the design narrative.

“The bathroom is key to the success of the experience of any home, but none more so than a holiday accommodation. On holiday there is a focus on relaxation and rejuvenating the body and mind.  A calming and luxurious bathroom and bathing experience helps to deliver that…”, adds Melissa.


This generous upstairs ensuite features our Zen Round Bath and Basins in a textured, warm grey custom finish.


Sunset blush and pistachio green coloured, handmade tiles and timber craft a distinctive scene, complemented by an apaiser Chi basins in soft, natural whites

Lotus bath and basins

The gentle curves of our Lotus bath and basins combined with textured matt grey tiles are reminiscent of a pebbled beach.


Tucked into a nook under the stairwell is our Lunar freestanding basin, framed by soft, rust coloured walls.



Find out more about our creative process of Bath Couture, connect with our global project teams or book an individual appointment with our consultants in the Melbourne and Singapore showroom.