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apaiser Proudly Introduces the Soka Collection of Baths and Basins

This April 2018 will see apaiser unveil the first of its new collections for the year, aptly named SOKA.

SOKA is a harmonious culmination of age old bathing traditions combined with the latest in contemporary design, materials and craftsmanship, to deliver a design destined to become a classic of pure elegance.

The SOKA collection celebrates the interplay of clean rigorous lines, ergonomically applied in a perfect fusion of form and function. A shallow tray and separate shelves are a standout design component of the SOKA bath featuring a tray at its foot with two separate shelving compartments, sitting directly underneath and accessible from the side.

Basins also feature the shallow tray element, offering functional storage components for design. “The tray and shelves are the epitome of form meeting function…their utter practicality is a perfect reflection of strong purpose design on the part of the apaiser design team”, says Belinda Try, founder and Executive Director of apaiser.

Soka Collection of baths and basins


“Like the setting captured in this stunning New York loft space featuring a single SOKA bath, the entire SOKA collection represents a refined balance of luxury and modernity”, Try adds. SOKA will be available as of April 2018 in all apaiser stores globally, or visit www.www.apaiser.com.au for more details.