Colours of Australia


Taking inspiration from the beauty of the environment that surrounds us, our Australian palette is a celebration of our heritage.



From the sparkling hues of our coasts and silvery greens of our forests, to the rich red soils of the desert and granite greys of the mountain ranges – the Australian landscape is a symphony of spectacular colour.

The diversity of the Australian landscape is delightfully perplexing. Startling contrasts and mesmerising harmonies of warm and cool tones combine to create a habitat like no other. Bleached grey-greens of hardy spinifex grasslands emerge from the iron-rich, rusty soils of the Pilbara. The turquoise ocean undulates like fabric on brilliant white sands, crashes upon brick red cliffs in the north and nestles against Eucalypt forests and granite mountains in the south. Silver white branches of ghost gums glow, illuminated by the vast night skies of the centre, while blood hued trunks of the majestic river red gums stand aloft the khaki banks of the inland waterways. We have always sought design inspiration from the world around us, and this collection pays homage to our birthplace.

Bring the rich tapestry of the Australian landscape into your space and create your own bathroom sanctuary in stone.

Australian Palette Inspiration Board
Colours of Australia



Featuring majestic greys, rich terracotta, a dusty green and a cloudy white, our exclusive Australian colour palette was inspired by our diverse landscapes and unique fauna and flora.

Ghost Gum
A symbol of the Australian bush and spirit, this iconic tree stands gnarled and contorted from its struggle to survive through periods of drought. Its brilliant white bark contrasts starkly against the vast blue skies and rich, red gorges of inland Australia and the tree is named for the ghostly, luminous glow of its bark in the moonlight.

Daintree Haze
A delicate grey shade, named for the mist covered mountain canopies of the Daintree, which spill down toward the waters of the coral sea. Contrary to much of Australia’s landscape, it is a luscious tropical paradise, its emerald canopy home to many unique species. Estimated to be 180 million years old, it is the world’s oldest surviving rainforest.

Brolga Grey
An exquisite grey, reflective of the tip of a brolga’s wing, is a homage to one of Australia’s largest flying birds. Known for their elaborate mating brolga dance, these elegant birds are a representation of creative self-expression.

Red Earth
This rich, rusty hue conjures visions of central Australia and Uluru. The driest inhabited continent on earth, most of Australia is arid and engaged in a constant struggle for water and nutrients. This colour finish symbolises our respect for the land and the resilience of its people.

Native to Australia, the saltbush thrives in salty, hot and dry climates. An edible plant, it has been used by Australia’s First Peoples, for both culinary and medicinal purposes, for centuries. Distinguished by its spiky, grey-green foliage, this hardy outback bush plays a vital role in our landscape.

Dark and foreboding, this moody shade speaks to the creatures that lurk in the shadows of the mangrove forest. Crucial to the health of coastal and estuarine ecosystems and one of the most productive habitats on earth, Australia is home to more than half of the world’s mangrove species.

Australian HERITAGE

Haven Bath in Saltbush and Sublime Single Vanity in Ghost Gum

Haven Bath in ‘Saltbush’ and Sublime Vanity in ‘Ghost Gum’.

We are thrilled to bring you an exclusive colour palette which honours our Australian heritage and celebrates the beauty of our homeland.

Founded by Belinda Try over 20 years ago in Melbourne, Australia, our dream was to transform the bathroom from functional space to spa-like sanctuary by using stone as an alternative to traditional bathware materials. This was the genesis of apaiserMARBLE®, our unique material, which to this day, lies at the core of our brand. The original palette and signature designs offered discerning clients and designers the opportunity to explore natural colours and textures, which were visually stunning, sensual and organic to the touch, yet were easy to maintain.

As an Australian designer and creator, we are proud to now be recognised as one of the world’s leading producers of luxury bathware, featured in award winning hotels, stunning resorts and beautiful private residences across the globe.

Sentosa Bath and Reflections Vanity in Brolga Grey

Sentosa Bath and Reflections Vanity in ‘Brolga Grey’.


Sustainable LUXURY

Our desire to preserve our beautiful country and the world around us, inspired us to explore recycled, ethically sourced raw materials and environmentally sensitive production processes. We have always believed that sustainability and luxury can coexist, and this philosophy is an essential piece of the apaiser story.

We use repurposed marble that would otherwise become landfill as the primary ingredient in our apaiserMARBLE®. Our atelier is ISO 14001 compliant and features specialised air filtration systems to protect the surrounding environment, as well as internal water and waste management plans to reduce impact and consumption. During our finishing process we use recycled water to limit our consumption and little mechanisation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our eco-friendly material contains minimal synthetic ingredients and no added silica or aluminium trihydrate. Our bathware is crafted to be long lasting and can be recycled and reused as part of our production process at the end of its life.

Kind to both the environment and its inhabitants, apaiser delivers beautiful, sustainable, functional, design driven bathware.

Lunar Freestanding Basins in Red Earth

Lunar Freestanding Basins in ‘Red Earth’.

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