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Sòl – the Norse goddess of the sun was honoured as a deity of protection and a healer who presided over thermal springs, which were thought to be warmed by the sun’s energy and to possess magical, healing properties.

Bathing in a hot spring or bath has been integral to life, self-care and wellness for centuries. It is believed that both water and heat can clear the mind, detoxify the body, promote healing, and encourage relaxation and mindfulness.

Inspired by this legend, the apaiser design team created a collection of simple pieces which reflects the Nordic way of life and their practical approach to design. It seeks to complement the art of living well, by embracing a simple home environment filled with quality items, unencumbered by clutter and embellishment.

The Sòl Collection embodies this principle of simplicity, functionality and minimal design to establish harmony with one’s environment. This compact collection features clean lines and delicate curves suitable for small spaces.

Sòl Collection Inspiration Board



The Sòl Collection also takes inspiration from one of our most popular, past designs. The original bath was unusually asymmetrical, perfectly proportioned and supremely comfortable, which made it a favourite of avid bathers. With a compact internal footprint, it also consumed less space and less water than many of our other signature baths. Though the design was archived, the key elements are still on point and the perfect blueprint for creating a compact collection of simple but refined pieces.

Reflecting the admiration, we have long held for this form, the apaiser design team embarked on a challenge, to reinvent the silhouette and revamp this bathing beauty.

Taking its cue from the original aesthetic, the curves have been elevated by subtle details and graceful lines, which play beautifully with light. Fine contours and understated tailoring elevate the design in this enduring collection. Compact, yet considerately crafted with absolute comfort in mind, this bath is the perfect place to bask in Sòl’s glorious warmth.

The new Sòl collection comprises a freestanding bath, countertop basin, sleek single and double vanities, and complementary table or stool. Each piece is a classic shape, but with apaiser’s signature tailoring.

  • apaiser Sòl Bath
    Sòl Bath


Designer’s NOTES

The apaiser design team wanted to play with conflict, of sharp and soft, straight and curved, balance and imbalance, but finish with a visually restful and harmonious collection.

Whilst the collection might seem organic at first, the gentle curves gradually deviate to smooth, clean lines which lends a more distinctive quality to the pieces. By adding a soft angle and creating a definite band, they suddenly become simultaneously curved and angular. The collection will be appreciated by those who value originality, attention to detail, and are looking for a smaller collection with a simple yet sophisticated sensibility. It will appeal to both minimalists and traditionalists.

The contrast between hard and soft lines will pair best with colours that play with light and shade. Whites, greys, and dark colours with a subtle finish will highlight shadows and emphasise the elegance and restraint of this collection.

Sòl Collection Sketches

Like all apaiser collections, each Sol piece is handcrafted by artisans in our ateliers from our own apaiserMARBLE® – a unique blend of repurposed marble combined with stone and minerals from the Barossa. Our stunning bathware collection is founded on a belief in sustainability and desire to preserve our beautiful environment.

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